Recording Techniques

1/4" Analogue Studio Master Tape
Every 1/4” 2-track stereo tape has been published to the very highest standards, to ensure an exhilarating performance and exacting finish. To achieve this level of performance, Master Studio of ABC (Int’l) Records offers comprehensive trained technicians, with the latest technical and diagnostic equipment will help to maintain the best condition of master tape. Designed and duplicated to the same specification as the original, safety, sonic quality and reliability are never compromised, to guarantee the pedigree and longer-term value of your pride and joy.
Master Studio is a dedicated recording studio whose continuing mission is to provide the best possible sound, capability and operational experience for the music enthusiasts in the world. We have reserved many master tapes of world-class recognition for recent ten years, creating the world’s sweetest analogue sound to satisfy the most discerning collectors.

HD-Mastering CD
First in the World to Achieve Higher Level of Sound Definition from the Master Tape onto CDs Out Come CDs Using the High Transparent Material of Liquid Crystal Panel as well as the New High Damping Coating CD has developed for 25 years since its birth. In order to improve acoustic fidelity, various companies are devoted continuously to using each method to create new products. In cooperation with Golden Ear Studio in Germany, adopting new material and technology, "ABC (INT’L) RECORDS" develops a new type of CD, and succeeds in commercializing it. The new type of CD uses material of liquid crystal panel, which differs from polycarbonate of ordinary CD, and enormously strengthens the transparency of CD. What’s more, it uses creatively the new high damping coating. It is really a pleasing surprise to the audiophile world. The new CD is born, HD-Mastering CD.

Almost Analogue Digital CD
The most important is the source. The source is an unedited analogue master tape. The source of AAD is entirely identical with that of vinyl record. AAD is a digital copy of the master tape.
In order to reduce the number of conversions and avoid any additional manipulation, we used direct master recording for digital conversions: One is STUDER A80 reel-to-reel tape recorder once used in professional studio from Analogue time. One is HHB CDR-830 professional CD recorder to burn our AAD CD.

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