Unique Music of Great Guqin
Unique Music of Great Guqin
  • Album Title:Unique Music of Great Guqin
  • Item No:AAD-187
  • Artists :Gong Yi
  • Genre:Chinese Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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The most famous guqin is the one named "Jiuxiao Huanpei‘. Kept in the Palace Museum in Beijing, it is  124 centimeters in length, 21 centimeters in width with absolutely perfect body-shape and tune. As being ranked as one of the most precious guqins hardly seen in the Tang dydasty, it kept on enjoying the name of the Greatest Treasure as well as the Heaven’s Present of Tang dynasty.

The late historical musician Yang Meng has labeled "Jiuxiao Yunpei",the guqin of Tang dynasty,as the most typical instrument of Lei’s at that time and put it into his book "Introducton on China’s Musical History". Qin,also called seven-stringed instrument ,has a history that can be dated back to Zhou dynasty and has on its surface marks of overtone and phoneme Wei.

It actually came to its final shape after Wei and Ji dynasty. The legendary story about guqin in Zhou dynasty is the music Gaoshan Liushui(High Mountain and Flowing Water). It is said in book as follows:
Bo Ya was so much good at playing qin while Zhong Ziqi at appreciation of qin music.Bo Ya played qin with an aim to let the music spread far and wide ascending the mountain .Zhong Ziqi said ,“well,it’s so wonderful that the floating soft melodies from your qin is just like the waving Tai Mountain ,and as tender as flowing water.” Bo Ya answered,“That’s it! As vigourous as rivers.” So that is why people take Gaishan Liushui (high mountain and flowing water )as their soulmate.

This guqin is of Fuxi pattern with its outer part made of paulownia and bottom China fir painted in deep maroon all over .Part of it was patched in vermeil with antler and gray padding .The bottom and both sides were covered with Ge clothes and the whole body was engraved with little snakes and mussel-shaped mark of Wei. It looks round and thick in overall appearance with prominent abdomen and round gouge in the middle linking together the whole of it .It is as wide as an elliptical pond,on which there engraved seal characters Jiuxiao Huanpei.


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