Live 10—30 Minutes' Audio Test
Live 10—30 Minutes' Audio Test
  • Album Title:Live 10—30 Minutes' Audio Test
  • Item No:Master-198
  • Artists :Various Artists
  • Genre:Hi-Fi Test
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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If the whole effort is made of industrial science and technology progress of human life,more development of the culture, then, the stereo,this highly humane technology products, have been integrated into the lives of thousands of enthusiasts,While West over the course of audio cast a lot of ink, it's a long process and create a little more than a century legend classic laid out its position in the audio enthusiast in mind an indelible!

Western electric appliances while talking pictures instead of silent films,near - monopoly of the cinema speaker system for the recording and film, and to be alone in this area many years.

WE300B has become a legend of the enthusiast in mind, marking the west to the state of technology of the balls towards mastery,Become a monument on a sound course, values, today, is still light one up!

XD high capacitance analysis of the background static, music quality pure ;the West wire is charm, rich, hearing sense of delicacy, pureandhonesty and transparent ; West to classic is indeed abound!

This 30 - minute audition, and just hold a mere desire and purpose is to commit to each and every element fans and music lovers, make an extreme level fever recorded disc.

You only need to use your hot fever to feel the testing of cake,sweet, warm tone, sound field, strong sense of dynamic contrast, pure air,and creating a sense of the sound field, each space to fill in the dense full, the coherence of the whole expression gives you an unprecedented level of experience,the most moving is the sense of music Wind Ensemble, real, to the Incredible!

In addition, this tape includes all of the testing elements of the dishes should be prepared, many different kinds of music are the bomb,deduction is also very rich in charm. Classic String class audition classical music, in which Vivaldi's the Four Seasons also.

This audition day and listen to the tape, the best surprise for you to enjoy!

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