The Rebirth of Great Violins
The Rebirth of Great Violins
  • Album Title:The Rebirth of Great Violins
  • Item No:Master-154
  • Artists :Violin: Li Chuan Yun Piano: Robert Kenny
  • Genre:Instrumental Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Our musical heritage is a rich one and we have been blessed with a legacy of great instruments—each a work of art with a unique visual and sound characteristics. So often throughout my career, people have asked me about the difference between violins. We are fortune to be able to invite Li Chuanyun to play on Stradivari and Guarneri to make this album, through listening to which, we will experience the sound of heaven from precious violins.

The Stradivari Society in Chicago U.S.A is engaged in the business of trade, renting and donation of precious violins. Many contemporary renowned young violinists,like Midori, Joshua Bell, Gil Shahan, Redin, Vengerov, as well as some outstanding Chinese violinists, like Hu Kun, Xue Wei, Xu Weiling, Chai Liang, Li Chuanyun, once profited from the Society. They played and are playing on the Stradivari and Guarneri provided by the Society. Therefore The Stradivari Society is honored as the charity in contemporary classical music circles.

After nearly two years of preparation, ABC (INT’L) Records in China, finally released a second album of Li Chuanyun. This is absolutely a happy event of Chinese music as well as music lovers. When we listen to this album, not only can we enjoy the music of precious violins but also enhance our love to music. The cooperation between The Stradivari Society and ABC (INT’L) Recoreds will have the direct promotion and the positive influence to the contemporary Chinese music development.

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