Fei Yuching—Forever Love Songs
Fei Yuching—Forever Love Songs
  • Album Title:Fei Yuching—Forever Love Songs
  • Item No:Master-017
  • Artists :Feiyuqing
  • Genre:Popular Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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His voice makes us wonders between passion and sense. Just like the red wine, his beautiful voice will permeate into your blood and leaves the soul drunk and alone.

He just stands there singing for you and it recalls your pain, happiness, passion. Your soul will get drunk together with his voice.
When you are connected with him through his voice, you will find out that he is different and unique.  His love for art has refined his character while the art presents us the modest and self-disciplined gentleman.
As the evergreen tree in Chinese music, his representative work- Abrabch of Plum and Dream of camel ring are still sung now. His natural quality and beautiful voice has helped him developed a school of his own. Without changing the original sprit of the old songs, he has also injected new elements in them, such as the Moon Represents My Heart, the Story of Little Town and Evening Primrose. With some fresh feeling, these old songs are more worth of collecting.
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