All of Me—A Ming
All of Me—A Ming
  • Album Title:All of Me—A Ming
  • Item No:Master-012
  • Artists :A Ming
  • Genre:Popular Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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From the moment his fingers touched the strings, he was destined to be one with music.


Ya Ming’s voice is so perfect and soulful that as soon as I heard it I was overwhelmed with surprise. I always believe that everybody will be moved by his voice. His songs bring back memories of the good old days when you were innocent and young.


His music is the music of the night, with darkness being its stage and loneliness its melody. The sounding of his voice awakens slumbering souls in gloominess.


Sometimes the emotion in his music is subtle as the flowing sands between your fingers. Faint as the emotion is, it is touching.


With the light going off, darkness flows quietly outside of the window, as quiet as a butterfly’s flutter. Time passes by, but the one you’ve been waiting for never come. Luckily Ya Ming is right here waiting for you.


His music is a hybrid of white and black, which is just like a hybrid of love and loneliness. Are you familiar with the pathetic love story of Tsangyang Gyatso, a highly accomplished monk heavily fettered by mortal affection? Black and white is the color for Tsangyang Gyatso and may be for you as well.


With the songs by Ya Ming, you can review an old dream, looking back at old times.

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