Don Williams
Don Williams
  • Album Title:Don Williams
  • Item No:Master-173
  • Artists :Don Williams
  • Genre:Country Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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The Enchanted Voice from Don Williams In musical industry, pop singers can be said to change fastest but there are still minorities who have left us deep impression. Don Williams is one of those singers. Listening to his soft and warm singing, it seems that you are in the clear and stretching field and the quiet shades. 
In my personal experience of listening CDs, Don Williams has always been a very special western singer. He is best known by many national audiophiles (especially by the older generation of audiophiles). To mention the country music always reminds us Don Williams. His albums are also the best choice for loudspeakers sound test.
I think the reason is that most of her songs belong to country music with easiness, pleasure and relaxation. His voice is solid with deep sensation without any phenomenon of shrillness. Along with the excellent recording effect, it is sure to grasp the audiophiles’ eyes and attract them to collect his albums. 
The gentleness flows from Don Williams’ resolute singing. To listen to his song is like to tirelessly narrate our feelings together with old friends. This music style is particularly conspicuous in his latter career. As he has said, from my point of view, in our daily life, there is nothing more important than the communication with people. Personally speaking, that is all I have to do. Therefore if the songs you have chosen can express this feeling, then you have found something special. There aren’t many gorgeous instruments when Don Williams sings, only a guitar is the best accompaniment. 
Don Williams’ voice is with stability and serenity but bright and gorgeous which makes him well famous as “the Gentle Giant”. He got this nickname during 70s last century when he has been popular by “Country politan” till 90s. Don Williams has never been an innovator but his love songs go over big. During the whole career of him, 17 of his songs have got champions. 
Don Williams has deep and resonant voice and his songs are expressive and elegant. His male be canto is like cello sound and makes it easy to feel what “deadly enticement” is. Once you listen to his song, you will never forget. If you haven’t enjoyed the aesthetic feeling his songs bring, please start to know him from this album.
If you’d like to confide to someone, just listen to Don Williams because he is absolutely your best choice.

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