Dedema—Beautiful Plain, My Hometown
Dedema—Beautiful Plain, My Hometown
  • Album Title:Dedema—Beautiful Plain, My Hometown
  • Item No:Master-192
  • Artists :Dedema
  • Genre:Chinese Folk Songs
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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More than a decade ago, the first time when I heard Dedema’s singing, I was shocked by her lenient, rich and appealing voice. Her singing was like streams flowing into my ear and permeating into my heart. 
So unique and special her voice was, that it left a deep impression on me. Later, I read the book Musical Appretiation that I have learnd it is mezzo-soprano. For the mezzo-soprano was similar to natural sound with low diapason, it is very hard to be distinguished as a special singing and that is why there is only few excellent female mezzo-soprano singers except  Dedema and Guan Mucun.

Guan Mucun adapts Bel Canto Artistic Style of Singing and her voice is lenient and fluent, dignified and like the sound of cello while Dedema makes a good combination of Bel Canto and long tune, a traditional Mongolian singing style, achieving an expanse diapason and open breath,. Her mellow sound is like  matouqin (a bowed stringed instrument with a scroll carved a horse's head). Though it beautiful, Guan Mucun’s singing is a bit of highbrow art, as caviar to the general while Dedema’s song has aroused deep resonance among listeners as you can take free breathe of prairie’s unique air of gentleness. It is no less than Mozart’s music like sounds of nature. 
When listening to Beautiful Plain, My Hometown and An Enchanting Scenery of Grassland at Night, I saw the beautiful prairie scenery: The grassland is waving to the blowing wind and herds of cows and sheep are grazing here and there as if bright pearls dropping on the pasture. I saw butterflies chasing after flowers and heard birds singing and the herdsman’s song was heard loud and clear in the sky. 
There possessed a kind of painterly, poetic and delicate beauty in Dedema’s songs. However, whatever beauty it is, it is of pastoral. We found color in its painterly beauty, artistic conception in poetic beauty and life meaning in its delicate beauty.
As a daughter of Mongolian herdsman, the horseback means a lot to Dedema as her childhood cradle, which had a special influence on her life. The nomadizing life on horseback has become her forever singing territory and maybe this is the reason why a special charm always remains in her singing.

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