Tennessee Ernie Ford (Gold)
Tennessee Ernie Ford (Gold)
  • Album Title:Tennessee Ernie Ford (Gold)
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  • Genre:Country Music
  • Artists :Tennessee Ernie Ford
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Throughout his legendary career over 50 years, Ernie Ford’s early success as a radio announcer led to his signing with Capitol Records in 1949. Through 1976, he released a total of eighty-three albums on the label and literally scores of single records, including his classic version of Merle Travis’ timeless anthem to the working man, “sixteen Tons”…at the time of its release, the fastest selling single in capitol’s history.Over the years, Ford has sold more than 60 million records worldwide-a astonishing number, even by today’s standards.

From 1956 t0 1956, Ford’s top-rated television series for both NBC and ABC brought not only his voice, but Ernie himself into the living rooms of homes across the country every week. Through his natural, unaffected charm, friendliness and honesty, Ernie became much more than just a host for his own primetime variety shows. He had become a cherished member of millions of American families.

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s half-century legacy is staggering. His unprecedented achievements earned him three stars in The Hollywood Walk of Fame for radio, records and television. His “Great Gospel Songs” LP and the Jordanaires was 1946’s Grammy winner for Best Inspirational Recordings. He was the third recipient of the Minnie Pearl Award, for his lifetime of contributions to both Country and Popular music. On October 18th, 1990, he was inducted in the Country Music Hall of Frame, and on 26th, March, 1984, President Ronald Regan presented Ernie with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor a sitting president can bestow upon a civilian on behalf of his country. It is simple but eloquent Citation on a single page which perhaps best describes this simple man from Tennessee and the enduring legacy he left to America and the world.


"........America is a nation richer in sprit because of Tennessee Ernie Ford"

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