Moscow Forever
Moscow Forever
  • Album Title:Moscow Forever
  • Item No:Master-015
  • Artists :Various Artists
  • Genre:World Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Music and life are intimate friends. Looking back, every music fans can find some stories that are relevant to music. To some degree, the track in whirly records may correspond with our life’s wheels. Music accompanies our growth, when we are lost, it encourages us to be brave and confident; when we are happy, it can express our high mood “Russian music”, which is usually called “Soviet songs”, is a kind of nostalgic music to many music fans.
In 1950s, a large numbers of Soviet songs swarmed into China and its influence are deep and widet. These songs sound sentimental, powerful, flesh and blood like good poems. No matter whether during the war time or in our daily life and work, they encourage Russian people to struggle for nice future, at the same time, their exquisite and affecting melody, as well as their praise and description to love and life, sympathize thousands of foreign music fans.
The reason why Soviet song are so popular lies in their profound Russian culture, thus even a slight variation, such as the variation of pronunciation, accompany instruments, would lose their own charm. Though it may not be always true to say that original music is the best, we should admit that original music can help us understand the essence of music. The songs in Moscow Forever are all choice from different famous Russian records companies, the singers are great skillful vocalists, whose stirling pronuciation of native language and spotless singing technich will make the temporaty repeaters ashamed.
The moonlight is scattering into my house with a cool breeze. I can hear mellow trigon accompanied slow singing far away from Moscow. The melody is so familiar  and as natural as the wind blowing through the trees outside. I stop my job and open my ears and heart, forgetting time.

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