Western Electric Sound—Hi-Fi Violin
Western Electric Sound—Hi-Fi Violin
  • Album Title:Western Electric Sound—Hi-Fi Violin
  • Item No:Master-049
  • Artists :Various Artists
  • Genre:Instrumental Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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The whole recording is conducted in Franziskaner Concert Hall, where the resonant effect is quite suitable for recording. This album includes great pieces of masters, such as Tchaikovsky, Kreisler, Paganini and Schubert. Again, in the recording  Neumann M49 and U47 are applied to show the concept of “recording aesthetics”. This record has achieved a high level of audiophile, for the fairy fine timber, resonance and clear sound when the strings are brushed. Please listen to it carefully, and you will feel the resonance and liberation when the bow slowly goes across strings, and the beauty when the keyboards fall down. If you don’t urge to listen again when finishing, we suppose you should adjust your acoustics system and display of trumpet. If you get the real feeling of slight ambience easily, we could say your acoustics system is good enough. We believe this album can challenge any other records in market, and the favorite collection that the audiophile fans can’t miss.

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