Legend of Erhu—Zhu Changyao
Legend of Erhu—Zhu Changyao
  • Album Title:Legend of Erhu—Zhu Changyao
  • Item No:Master-199
  • Artists :Zhun Changyao (Erhu)
  • Genre:Folk Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Zhu Changyao is a Erhu player with many titles: National Class-A Actor , Director of Song and Dance Theatre of Jiangsu Province, Member of Chinese Musicians Association, Director of China Nationalities Orchestra Society., Visiting Professor of Nanjing University and Southeast University. The representative works of Zhu are “Drums of Celebrations”, “Spring Scenery in South of Yangtze River”, “A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge “ “Attachment to Suzhou” and “Long lovesickness”. In Zhu Changyao’s memory, the most meaningful and unforgettable competition is the "Chinese Instruments Solo Contest" in 1982, which is the most ceremonious music contest since the foundation of the country. When he finished his playing of “Two Springs Reflect on Moon” and “Spring Scenery in South of Yangtze River”, the audiences kept silent for nearly one minute and then burst into applause. The audiences were so thrilled they kept handclap even after Zhu left the stage, which forced the director to get Zhu back to the stage answer the curtain call. Although Zhu won the champion of Erhu solo playing, he thinks the audiences’ recognition was what really made the competition special. Apart from playing Erhu, Zhu is also actively involved in the creation of music. He has always believed that a musician must set up his own style and works to stand his own ground. And that’s exactly he has always pursued. Zhu Changyao , with his profound understanding of music and his delicate and unique playing, is so highly praised by musicians that he has been called the "Chinese Perlman". Zhu Changyao had visited and gave performances in many countries as an Erhu solo player, and had won high praise from both domestic and abroad audiences. Zhu is deemed a world class string instrument player.

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