Legend of Zither—Zhu Changyao
Legend of Zither—Zhu Changyao
  • Album Title:Legend of Zither—Zhu Changyao
  • Item No:Master-226
  • Artists :Qin Xiaoning (Zeither)
  • Genre:Folk Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Qin Xiaoning, Yao nationality, has graduated from Guangxi Arts University in China and studied as an academic visitor at Chinese Conservatory. Now she works as professor in Guangxi of  Science & Technology Normal University (formerly known as Liuzhou Teachers College), and acts as a member of CPPC in Liuzhou city, China Democratic National Construction Association , Chinese Musicians Association, Chinese Zither Committee attached to China Nationalities Orchestra Society and a director of Guangxi Chinese Zither Academy. She learns from famous Chinese zither players such as Professor Lin Jian and Zhou Wang in China and as a last student of Zhao Dengshan, a top Chinese zither player in China. Archaic Rhyme in Baiyue Nationality and Mountain Flogs Playing with the Rain of her composed bronze drum folk music wins awards many times and people like them most. She enjoys reputation as a promising composer in the musical field of Chinese zither. Her music sounds like sounds of nature pleasing heart and soul and she plays Chinese zither with strong infectivity and penetration.

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