Steinway - King of Piano: Vladimir Horowitz
  • Album Title:Steinway - King of Piano: Vladimir Horowitz
  • Item No:Master-120
  • Artists :Vladimir Horowitz
  • Genre:Instrumental Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Owning identical playing techniques, Vladimir Horowitz’s music was so unique that people can immediately recognize his performance among numerous other pianists’; yet, someone who never listen to his music is hard to surmise only by his/her past experience. Horowitz was the last pianist giant of classical romantic genre. And many people consider that “romantic” is the same as “graceful”, however, they would find out how stupid they are when hearing Horowitz whose performance can suddenly clear your mind and let you know the essence of romantic is “passion”.  Horowitz’s passion and his music were perfect match, which cause a huge difference from other pianists who use exaggerate gesture to convey their emotions. Especially in the last few years of Horowitz, his movement range became very small. But don’t simply think that it is because his old age, as Horowitz had attained perfection in playing piano. Here is a reminder, Horowitz constantly broke the piano during a show when he was young, and nothing can be done by piano tuners to fix it.

The sound of Horowitz’ s piano is transparent, due to his left hand which earned him the title of “Thor”, and he emphasize the importance of left hand all the time. In his opinion, left hand should be the conductor instead of follower when playing piano. As for the color of tone, the characteristic way to play at basso with his left hand can increase fullness and impact of the music, possessing powerful sense of acoustics. If you watch his performance in slow-motion, you can find that the stretch and movement of his fingers will remind of wings of a flying bird. With forceful elbow and wrist, Horowitz’s talented hand perfectly blend softness and hardness, and tranquility and intension of the music.

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