Long Live Analog - Cello & Guitar
Long Live Analog - Cello & Guitar
  • Album Title:Long Live Analog - Cello & Guitar
  • Item No:Master-190
  • Artists :Robert Wolf & Fany Kammerlander
  • Genre:Instrumental Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Presented by Germany guitar player Robert Wolf – the exceptional guitarist from Quadro Nuevo – and the virtuoso cello player Fany Kammerlander, “Faro” certainly shows their fantastic collaboration and indulging people from start to the last moment with a kind of ultimate beauty, and at the same time, fully reveals themselves as a chamber music duo which elicits an extraordinary and boundless sound variety out of the classical instruments guitar and violoncello. Lots of masterpieces was arranged by Wolf and included in “Faro”, such as “Our Spanish Love Song“ of Charlie Haden, ”El pano moruno“ of Manuel de Falla,“Songs of the Birds” of Pablo Casals, and “Cinema paradiso” of Ennio & Andrea Morricone and so on. Original compositions of Robert Wolf alternate with songs by Chick Corea, Sting and different standards, which awake to a total new life and emerges to a totally distinctive glamour in this unusual casting. On the one hand with delicate floating melodies, on the other hand with suspenseful and atmospheric parts a diversified but harmonious general view of upper class music is created! Gold always can give off light, likewise, “Faro” was recognized by at least seven music magazines and newspapers in Germany once publishing. The well-known Magazine “Guitar” thought highly of Robert Wolf ”He not only has excellent arrangement with outstanding foundation to achieve perfect fusion of Classic and Jazz, but also possesses great heritage in playing even can catch up with his predecessors.” This is an incredible CD, and deserves to be appreciated one and again!

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