Leonard Cohen - Absolutely Bass Voice
Leonard Cohen - Absolutely Bass Voice
  • Album Title:Leonard Cohen - Absolutely Bass Voice
  • Item No:Master-177
  • Artists :Leonard Cohen
  • Genre:Popular Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Leonard Cohen was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Part of an intellectual, middle-class Jewish family, he was encouraged by his parents to pursue his interests in poetry and music and was also thoroughly immersed in Jewish theology and the stories of the Old Testament. In many ways, these early interests and influences provided the blueprints for much of his later work, which straddles the worlds of literature, mythology, poetry and song with a masterful lyricism that is one of its defining features.
Another of Cohen’s primary lifelong interests—women—led him to take up the guitar at age 13, and he was soon playing country music in Montreal’s cafes, eventually forming a group called the Buckskin Boys. Their gigs typically involved performing traditional numbers at square dances. However, at this early stage, it was still poetry that most consumed Cohen, driven by his affinity for the likes of Federico García Lorca and Jack Kerouac, and when he attended McGill University to study English, his writing would often take priority over his other studies. His first collection, Let Us Compare Mythologies, received good reviews but did not sell particularly well, setting yet another precedent for Cohen’s future career. Cohen published some collection of poems and novels later, but released his first album” The Songs of Leonard Cohen” until 1968 when he was 34, a full ten years older than Beatles and Rolling Stone, capturing innumerable fans’ heart with his unique tone and attractive voice instead of a handsome face. His voice is like a pool of dark water, tranquil but mysterious, dragging you into his spectacular music world. 

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