Long Live Analog -  Devil Guitar
Long Live Analog - Devil Guitar
  • Album Title:Long Live Analog - Devil Guitar
  • Item No:Master-151
  • Artists :Jennifer Laura
  • Genre:Instrumental Music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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As a widely-concerned guitarist recently, Jennifer Laura was born in Montreal, 1983, who showed strong interest and passion to music when she was a kit. Once, after listening to Concierto de Aranjuez that played by Isaac Albeniz, Laura immediately fall in love with guitar. Then, she brought an old guitar in her home and started to study in a postsecondary specialized college. When she was 17-year-old, Laura got scholarship and left for The Royal College of Music in London and graduated with a master’s degree.
Various genres and themes, Laura rearranges over 60 musicians’work into ones for guitar in order to increase the amount of guitar pieces. Travelling all around the world, she holds numerous solo concerto in Italy, France, USA, Japan, Korea, China, Russia and East Europe, South America, South Africa and so on. She is recognized to be one of the most talented and attractive musicians because of her dynamic live show.
Although Laura is classified as a classic guitarist, she hopes to redefine guitar as a modern instrument. In addition to classic pieces, Laura constantly plays new works, in order to draw more interests from audiences, letting them have opportunity to see what is going on in every step of artists’ career and the strong purpose of being a musician. The innate musicianship of Jennifer Laura is restrained yet energetic. Being a new-generation artist, Laura presents her idea and experience closeness of classic music by utilizing guitar, an instrument with natural beauty.
Adopting analog master tape for recording, the album is multi-layered with rich texture and stereo in delight rhythm, full of vitality and glamour.

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