Sam Taylor-Saxophone Colossus
Sam Taylor-Saxophone Colossus
  • Album Title:Sam Taylor-Saxophone Colossus
  • Item No:Master-107
  • Artists :Sam Taylor
  • Genre:Instrumental music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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 Saxophone is a woodwind instrument, and also is a brass instrument, so its sound is very charming. It has the characteristics of the wooden instrument when play gently, besides, its bright sound shows the strength of metal when play strongly, which is other woodwind instruments out of reach. French composer Hector Berlioz once wrote: "The main feature of the saxophone is the wonderful changes in the sound, deep and calm, full of emotions, gentle and sad, like the echo within echo. In the silent moment, no other instrument can make such a wonderful sound.

There was an American black, who performed the oriental flavor traditional songs in saxophone, won all music fans’ applause. He, was Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor is a famous American bass saxophonist, known for a mass of deep and low voice, regarded as the legend of saxophone, and also is a top jazz and blues performer of the international music. The performance style of Sam Taylor has set the standard and example for the rock and the blues bass saxophone solo. His lifetime performances, characterized with mellow, gentle and elegant, romantic and varied voice, have a very beautiful sound and strong emotions and endless creative musical elements, showing a brand-new and colorful charm. In the 1960s, he led a five-man band, played and published the first album "Music with the Big Beat".
The influence of Taylor on oriental music should be traced back to the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, Japan was the fastest country became Westernized in Asia. They not only introduced Western knowledge, but really internalized these knowledge into their thinking system, besides for logic and Western science, it also contained art and culture. The Western symphony, vocal music, musical instruments had also been introduced into Japan, so did later jazz and rock. Western music had a subtle influence on Japan's modern music, a large number of Western European classical music culture, jazz culture spread into Japan, even the local music also gradually appeared in Western musical instruments elements, including the traditional song. It began to be common that Western bands entered, performed and recorded in Japan. Sam Taylor was one of the most typical example. He often performed and recorded in Japan, so his albums are often seen the tracks both Japanese traditional songs and Western jazz. Taylor played with the saxophone known as the "unparalleled romantic musical instrument", and the eastern and western fans were all indulged in his fascinating performances.
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