Yoshio Kimura - US$ 8,600,000 Guitar
Yoshio Kimura - US$ 8,600,000 Guitar
  • Album Title:Yoshio Kimura - US$ 8,600,000 Guitar
  • Item No:Master-112
  • Artists :Yoshio Kimura
  • Genre:Instrumental music
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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 “Guitar Emperor” Yoshio Kimura, wins most of fans’ love, for his skilled guitar techniques and his unique Kimura’s style of compositions and performances, and plays an essential influence on the development of Asian music. His songs had become the good memories one generation had shared. In the hearts of many veteran music aficionados, Yoshio Kimura becomes a synonym of “audiophile”. As long as it is his album, it must be a very good recording works, it can be said that his works are the demo recording of other guitar performances.

Among the Kimura’s albums, it is common that there is a "wine" word within the name of tracks, and the performance content is also varied. One type is bright voice and lively rhythm, making people feel at ease and happy, for instance, “Northern (Wine) Tavern”.  The second is lyric and calm one, making one taste all the joys and sorrows of life within wine, for instance, “Memory Wine”. Most performances are just the single guitar sound, accompanied by the beautiful sound of violin, giving a sense of melancholy, which cannot get rid of it even when the song is end.
Some people say: Kimura's performances have become a common memory of time. Yoshio Kimura is an outstanding performance artist, his works not only exist in the twentieth century Asian music, also will be like works of the European classical musicians Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikovsky and other musicians, always exist in the eternal love of thousands of households ...
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