Tsai Chin - Unsurpassed-beauty Voice
Tsai Chin - Unsurpassed-beauty Voice
  • Album Title:Tsai Chin - Unsurpassed-beauty Voice
  • Item No:Master-031
  • Artists :Tsai Chin
  • Genre:Chinese Folk Song
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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 Tsai Chin,is the best interpreter of classic Mandarin old songs, and no one can beyond her unique mezzo-soprano and powerhouse vocals. Her songs touch every one’s heart with her deep and melancholy voice… The songs of Tsai Chin like good wine, get better with age. Her calm, velvety voice, like an old forgotten language, has a sense of classical romance and elegant sadness.

One touching song, what kind of element should be involved in? The prime element, I think, is the story. Listening to Tsai Chin’s songs, as if listening to dozens of beautifully-written stories, told, of course, by a masterful storyteller. This is the most wonderful place of Tsai Chin’s song, which is not every singer can do, especially, told her inner stories in the big era with her own songs.
In the folk songs prevailing period, Tsai Chin sang the songs, such as “Just Like Your Tenderness”, “Green Island Serenade”, “Engrossed in the Past”, “The Spirit of Your Eyes” and so on, from her own folk songs to others’ folk songs. That was a period of guitar, students sang their own youth stories with the simple guitar chords. Then, Tsai Chin guided everyone into the later stage of 1980s and tasted the music supreme years with her songs.
So, it is always taken for grant that it is pleasant when listening to glorious past days, while, it would be much touched when you feel in depression…
Tsai Chin sang out her own stories with her songs, we all know those inspired words, came from the feelings of her stories, her experience, her living and her life. These kinds of feelings cannot be told, but you can get answers from her voice. For us, listening to her songs is enough.
Tsai Chin’s songs should be well remembered, which not only belong to nights, but those once beautiful golden ages. Every time I heard Tsai's voice, or started to hum, I would fly back to those years, back to there, where is a finest time of Mandarin songs, there, there are Tsai, you and me.
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