His Master's Voice—Voice
His Master's Voice—Voice
  • Album Title:His Master's Voice—Voice
  • Item No:Master-212
  • Artists :Various Artists
  • Genre:Hi-Fi Test
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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 a little fox terrier sits inquisitively listening to his master's voice coming from the horn, the famous painting is one of the world's most recognized and best loved trademarks. The Nipper logo made his first appearance in advertising in 1900.

      His master's voice in its original form, completed in early 1899, the picture showed the dog listening to a phonograph with a black horn.This is the version which was submitted for copyright by Francis Barraud on 11th february 1899 under the title 'Dog Looking At And Listening To A Phonograph'. Later Barraud decided to rename the painting 'His Master's Voice'. Barraud tried to offer it to magazines, and the Edison Bell company (leading manufacturer of the cylinder phonograph), but without any success. 'Dogs don't listen to phonographs,' was given as the reason.Then a newly firmed gramophone company, the Berliner Gramophone Company liked the painting and offered to buy it, if Barraud replaced the phonograph with a Berliner gramophone for the Edison cylinder machine. The artist made the changes and the revised painting was delivered on 17th October 1899.

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