Teng Ge'er's Heaven
Teng Ge'er's Heaven
  • Album Title:Teng Ge'er's Heaven
  • Item No:Master-165
  • Genre:Popular Music
  • Artists :Teng ge'er
  • Company:ABC (Int'l)Records
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Teng Ge'er, is  almost known by every family in China. His songs, such as Long Long Time, the theme song of the movie ‘Red Sorghum’, Song of Wine, Mongol, Heaven, etc win universal praise.  He never forgets the Prairie where he was grown up. ‘I love ballads. in fact, Chinese ballads are the best.’ He gave a hearty laugh after saying that.
He widely absorbs the melodic strains and pure Lyrics of ballads. The combination of  understanding to the unique music culture of the Prairie electronic music and traditional ethnic music as well as the mordern electrical music presents a specific cross-boundary style which instills new vitality to the world ballads with modern idea.
Since 1986, with more and more people knowing about his songs, he began diversified development.  In 1987, after his new music works wining an award in West-north Wind Music Awards, he sang the theme song named The Tortuous Yellow River for the movie Tragedy of River which made a splash in the audience. He was given high praise at the international level for singing Song of Wine, the theme song of movie Red Sorghum.
In 1990, he was invited to sing the theme song for Long Long Time, a very popular TV programs in Taiwan, His vigorous and passionate voice deeply impressed the audience. In 1992, he held his first solo concert in Taiwan. His uncovered lofty sentiments and the high degree of an agitative way of singing touched about 20000 audiences present.
In 1994, one of the fourth-generation directors in mainland, Xie Fei was attracted by his talent in music and the proclivity and style nourished in the prairie. The director invited him to make music for his movie "Black Horse", and also to be the producer of the original recording, hero, composer and singer of the movie. From then on, Teng Ge’er steps on to another field of performing. He and Xie Fei interpreted the course how Mongolia youth was brought up under the background of the nomadic culture in the border area and the air of the Prairie. This film won two awards of the best film direction and the best achievement for music art in Montero Film Festival in1995.
In 1997, he was issued with the Certificate of World Historic Celebrities. His name and Memoir was embodied to World Celebrities, and became popular all around the world.  A worldwide fever of Mongolian culture was being spread out. The music field and the style of Teng Ge’er are broad. His music is characterized with wide subject matter, serious and profound theme as well as the style with full of local flavor, which derives from the deepest love to nature and homeland. Just as he said, ‘the love to nature is not only the trend of the world but also the Eternal theme. The past is the seed of the present, and the future is the blossom of the present. "As a musician, I have the necessity and responsibility to praise the earth under my feet, and leave what I was touched by."

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